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Become a Strategy Manager with Skilled Markets Invest

Boost your earnings by allowing others to follow your trading strategies.



Share your successful trading strategies to earn more as other traders copy you


Make the most of your trading skills by becoming a Strategy Manager with Skilled Markets Invest. This innovative copy trading program gives you the chance to earn additional profits, on top of the ones you’re already making.

When other traders – investors – start to follow your Strategy Manager account, you’ll start receiving a share of their portion of the profits (up to 40%)

Become a Strategy Manager

Admission fee for this course is $10

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Skilled Markets is a private fund holding ownership of a Forex Trading account under a regulated broker.  We are not a financial institute and do not provide any financial services. We trade using our fund’s capital, with the support of our competent funded traders and consequently is not required to be authorised by the regulatory authority.

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