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We Fund the Skilled Traders
The Skilled Markets is a Funded Trading and project which is looking for successful traders. We fund forex traders. Pass our risk management rules and trade for our company. We'll provide you a capital for trading the financial markets. 70% of profits for you.
  We are creating an international fund based on retail traders which will offer a diversified portfolio to investors and help traders beat their path to financial independence.



We Will Fund You 100% With Our Capital and You Will Gain From The Profits.

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Our Capital Your Trading Skills 


Skilled Markets Provide the Best Funded Trader Programs .We Will Fund You 100% With Our Capital and You Will Gain From The Profits.

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 Get 70% Profits Share


Never Risk Your money Get Fund for Forex Traders. Account Financing 100%,Profit Share 70% Zero Risk Your Money in Trading 

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No limits on Trading Strategy


Trade With Your Own Strategy NO Limits. You Can Use EAs. Our Funded Trader Program is Designed to Fit any Trading Strategy

Skilled Markets provides the fastest Capital Growth Program in the forex trading industry. We require the least restrictions with: more forex assets to trade, allow for 24/5 continuous trading overnight, including position holding on weekends and lastly no daily loss limits. Sign up for Skilled Markets’ 2 Step Verification Program to qualify for a fully funded, forex trading account, and speed up your earnings by doubling at every milestone.

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Skilled Markets is a private fund holding ownership of a Forex Trading account under a regulated broker.  We are not a financial institute and do not provide any financial services. We trade using our fund’s capital, with the support of our competent funded traders and consequently is not required to be authorised by the regulatory authority.

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